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In 1985 ... she began re-inventing the Charitable World.  No salaries.  With less than 2% worldwide administrative costs!  Her ubiquitous meetings, her telephone high-jinx and revolving door machinations of getting others to give - is unexplainable!  It might best be said in the words of James M. Barrie: "if you have it {charm and brains} you don't need to have anything else and if you don't have it, it doesn't matter what else you have. "SHE HAS IT!  She raises dollars by the millions, worldwide. 

The genius behind this? 

The Internationally known, cutting-edge Philanthropist by the name of Josephina Lea Mascioli Mansell - known to all as Jo Lee.

She is the inexhaustible Italian/Canadian/American who permeates all strata of society.  She is the extraordinary world Ambassador for mankind ... representing both Governments and the UN.  She divides her time between California, London, New York, Toronto and travels the world in between.  Throughout her life Jo Lee has had this uncanny essence of envisioning a dream, putting it into motion and getting people to give.  She’s revolutionized the Charitable World.  We call her: the non-profit machine.

Born with a unique beat in her heart, Jo Lee has been a pioneer in the 'art of originality.'  Her father was an Italian Diplomat, her mother a maestro and the late Lord Thomson, Baron of Fleet, was her mentor.

So where did her major world of productivity all begin?

On the Pacific Coast at her home in San Francisco, on July 1, 1985 with a vision of HOW she could give birth to improving the lives of the young.  


From 1985 through 1987 - The powers of such big people in big business as Claude I. Taylor O.C. – Chairman Emeritus, Air Canada and Thomas D. Smyth – Chairman Retired, H.J. Heinz Co. of Canada and H. Gail Regan – Owner/Vice-Chair Cara Holdings Limited, and Mel Weiss – creator of the “take-out hamburger” and builder of the largest athletic/tennis club in the U.S., and Richard Swig – founder and creator of Fairmont Hotels: gave Jo Lee carte blanche to pursue her dreams.  And the worlds of Hollywood’s Disney and George Lucas facilitated whatever “crazy idea” she’d designed in her dreams. 

Multitudes of believing people listened, supported, thought she was crazy at times but, adored the enthusiasm that would put YES! International {Youth Empowered Solutions} onto a plateau whose foundation became as firm as a rock without lava. 

From 1988 through 1993  ~  YES! jolted several continents, bringing empowered youth together through trained facilitators, coaching the negatives of ‘substance use and abuse’. YES! broke history in television and satellite hook-ups and became endorsed by the UN as an International exemplar among the young.

From 1994 through 2000  ~  YES! became the 1st online charity in the world, developing global round-tables, chaired by youth, who began implementing their findings into an explosion of data banks which they, the youth, unanimously concluded should be named after the man who’d become their White Night: THE CLAUDE I. TAYLOR, O.C. \ Archival Library!  {Chairman Emeritus, Air Canada} 

It's “electrifying to see how young adults are getting their ideas across in a world often run by the less open-minded people.  You know” she says, “The Archival Library creates an utterly fascinating/impactful network for the YES! generation in every corner of the globe.  The library succinctly expounds unprecedented documentation on how to effectively help eliminate social ills.” 

From the Library - YES! built the best infrastructure in the world for assisting the ‘30 something and under crowds’ with their multitude of problems through an online Campus offering QUICK / FREE / HELP.  And the Campus was named:  THE THOMAS D. SMYTH \ E-Help Campus.  {Chairman and CEO, Retired, H.J. Heinz Co. of Canada}.

Our E-HELP Campus “listens to and interacts with millions in need of assistance” says Jo Lee, and “the synergy gives every young adult the opportunity to make right the issue they dared to dream!  We’re committed to the view of empowering the dignity of each young individual, male/female, and assisting with the freedom and responsibility of creating a meaningful life, especially with the changing needs of modern society.  Change, growth, empowerment.”  And her work during the past two decades demonstrates the power of that simple statement.                                                   


Jo Lee’s Corporation has become a phenomenon.  YES! is endorsed and acclaimed by the UNITED NATIONS as an INTERNATIONAL EXEMPLAR!  UNEP and UNICEF have come to make the endorsement three fold".

YES! became acclaimed by the 30 something and under audiences as: 'the meeting place of the new Century.'  Today, the Campus at YES! helps 44+ million young people with their problems, annually!

In 2000  ~  something quite incredible happened.    

JO LEE Magazine was born.  

And with it, JO LEE Magazine soared. 

The exclusive, luxurious triannual is a magazine unlike any other, for those unlike any other – with features and photos of the luxurious world of the elite.  The publication takes you on a ride.  It boasts a 39+ million global print/online readership with all advertising revenue {no salaries} placed into The ADESTE Academy – for the advancement of higher education for African Students.  The Unsung Heroes – experiencing possibilities undreamed of.  


Come 2003  ~  we saw THE PRESTIGIOUS ADESTE GOLD MEDAL being born.

JO LEE Magazine and its worldwide readers would become dedicated to the support of The ADESTE Medal.  {Latin translation:  to be present  }  An award taking as its credo the lessons behind Man To Universe.     

ADESTE touches ‘the 40 and under’ Unsung Heroes who may otherwise not be recognized - giving them ‘the will’ to dream and to ‘see the future before it arrives’.  The Nominees must have contributed outstanding benefits to humanity within the categories of Humanities, Social Justice, Technology, Arts, and Medicine.  The Unsung Heroes - with no advantages.

ADESTE is not about money. 


ADESTE is about a Medal of Honor.  About assisting Laureates in further achieving their dreams.  

The recognized activity achieved by the Candidate should be a humanitarian act of significant magnitude which positively benefits mankind by advancing the ability to meet a basic need or should be a new, original, and meaningful discovery.

In 2006  ~  Jo Lee developed The ADESTE Academy.

It was a fascinating twist to The ADESTE Gold Medal: providing university education for 3rd World students who’ve completed high school amidst great adversity.  

The ADESTE Academy embraces the future of educated minds for unsung heroes, caught within total despair.  Education -  from demise to transition.  

Remember!  Jo Lee pays no salaries.  And her extended family of phenomenal volunteers love the continual feeling of giving : to you from me!

For tomorrow and beyond, Jo Lee intends to keep ‘Battling The 800 Thousand Pound Gorilla’!  It will be yet a separate, charitable division and an endeavor Jo Lee has endured as a lifelong passion to help rectify.. 

“Remember my many statements on ‘intuition often beating rational analysis’” she says.  “It brings to memory, the words of Claude I. Taylor O.C., Chairman Emeritus, Air Canada:”  “Foresight requires a curiosity as deep as it is boundless.”  “As DEEP as it is BOUNDLESS” she reiterates!

Only ONE subject in life can refer to these words!  I ask that you bear with me.”

Jo Lee herself - is a writer, lecturer, Emmy-Award winning director.  And to add to this, her resourceful talent for nursery-rhyme narration and voice-overs for children's stories in the Disney type world of feature films and animated promotional advertising, has been realized worldwide.

It's true that Jo Lee, Canadian born daughter of an American mother and Italian Diplomat father has not only lived over a good part of the world but has made her stay in some of these places diversely productive.

In addition to being an Ambassador for humankind, Jo Lee's won several awards for her Global achievements.  Among them being - the exclusive 162 Canadian women chosen worldwide for Canada's 'Millennium Honor Roll'.  She surrounds herself with Blue Chip Affiliates and her time is carefully structured to accommodate the needs when called upon as a talented strategist, within the corporate and private worlds of giving.

And what would you suppose her speaking engagements evolve around?

The tough topic: "Battling the 800 thousand pound Gorilla"!  Do you wonder what a Gorilla and a Philanthropist who raises dollars by the millions, have in common?

Well, on a more personal level, Jo Lee holds much to the dimension of her individual philosophy which has been incorporated into an autobiographical screenplay. 

The scenes dramatically elude to her private life and her work with the less-fortunate children and her entrepreneurship of today.  And  it  continues with a tragedy far greater than imaginable.  Her sudden crisis with blindness and paralysis which had to be overcome and conquered for her 2nd round of productivity.

Jo Lee, the lady who stands foremost for the performance of YES! and JO LEE Magazine, The ADESTE Gold Medal and The ADESTE Academy - brings not only her extensive background in the entertainment industry to the fold, but her endless concern for young people.

Today - our Philanthropist is impassioned by her Obsession with Volunteers being paid!  "Terrible!" she says.  "Without question, life deals exceptions to the rule, as scientists/missionaries/doctors without borders/the arts ... the professions critical to the well-being of mankind.

These people could not survive without dollars.  But most not-for profit organizations have no right to take from a bank of monies that were brought to the table, to execute a cause."

Jo Lee's staccato embracing zeal is already altering the production of charitable giving.  Get ready world!  If your direction is back in the 20th century - move over.  Jo Lee can show you HOW 98% of funds raised, can go DIRECTLY to YOUR cause.  Capital costs and volunteers will not see a penny.

Several factors have converged to create this unprecedented era of Jo Lee on mankind. 

The first was ... "what can I do that other people cannot"?

The second behind Jo Lee's enthusiasm was fear!

Jo Lee has spent her life creating human harmony - and the past 26+ years building one of the worlds' most successful charities, only to realize that her successes could become one of few sustaining 21st Century success stories in the new world of giving.  "We see and touch and feel more and more of the 1000s of non-profits undermined by the enormous diminution in charitable thinking/giving.

The not-for-profit world", she says, "used to be controlled by governments which allowed charities, large and small, varied access 'for monies to employ' their volunteers.  But 'all' governments no longer have the monies and now, they're ceasing to give within their own world communities.

The defection of unpaid volunteers is staggering!  Why must the compassion for volunteering be equated to the passion for salaried dollars?

For the first time in our history, tiny start-up charities cannot compete head on with the multi-national charities, for the multi-national empires are powerful and ‘their’ mandates, will win." 

But Jo Lee also knows her ‘blueprint’ wins!  And it will win for others because it's won for her!  "Proving the experts wrong - has always been one of my most enjoyable recreations", she says.  "Nurture, more than nature, is at the root of all great success in life.

The world's greatest power brokers, creative geniuses are bred, not born.  One learns how to be great.  No poetic inspiration is going to give you the power you need.  It's your own will and energy - all the way. 

There is a shift in how non-profits are being conducted and Jo Lee can tell you how 'to get' without spending!  Her structure finesses this.  And her obsession of genuinely knowing 'how to' compete with all moneyed worlds brings an unparalleled warmth to everyone's pocket book.  No other theory can be matched for most countries do not have the economic climate or the entrepreneurial tradition that lend themselves to this new era.

We are moving from an old model economy to a new one.  Every not-for-profit must find new ways of operating.  Everything will be different.  Old fashioned greed - is dead!  If you're to hit a home run - not only must the bat, the ball and the crowd's bucks be there but the pro-bono volunteers must be there to make the run enterprising, for charity. 

There are two very poignant options here..

If you have it - Charm and Brains, use it. Or find someone FAST who does.  It's the combination - that counts.” 

Jo Lee believers are convinced that the universal belief in Jo Lee is a trump card for generations to come.

The “late Lord Thomson of Fleet, newspaper and television magnate, who was a friend of my father and a brilliant mentor to me, once gave me some advice I've always followed.  He said: “Jo Lee, you can have anything you want in life, if you want it badly enough to invest the energy and time.  And within this chancy world - remember, you must be diverse with your energy and time."

Our “Campus and ADESTE are such marvelous, empowered successes," continues Jo Lee. "It's exciting to realize the bequests that our multitudes of volunteers give YES! and ADESTE each day: for a better tomorrow."

And her hands fly into the air to compliment her Italian mannerisms.  She continues: "we've skyrocketed, you know - because The Campus at YES! and our incredible ADESTEs - give the younger generation of the world: their Roots and Wings".

With her motions emphasizing each important word she speaks, the enthusiasm is definitely catchy.

“What do you think of JO LEE Magazine?  Isn't it fabulous!  Me, in the publishing business?”, she says.

Yes, you'll fall in love with her – as many have.

If one were to sum up an impression of Josephine Lea Mascioli Mansell it would best be done by giving applause to her enormous sense of belief in her own convictions!  She believes all things are possible and that's an invaluable quality.

Intellectually suave, this Ambassador, who is nothing but her own self, has taught us that abnormal risks, intuitive persistence, even in the face of disaster, is ‘the card’ to dealing with change in a tough world and re-defining it for her own purposes.  Her face is a chronicle of this experience, style and emotion built on an inherent structure of sensitivity, depth and wit.  A raison d'être quaint to no one else. 

How does one catch a Butterfly or a Moonbeam?  Why not ask - Josephina Lea Mascioli Mansell.  


*Jo Lee's hobbies are Narration and Skeet Shooting.  Her inner circle leans toward the powerful, not celebrity and, she insists that her vocalizes heard twice per day during morning and evening showers is what drives her inner powers to success.  

When asked what her 5 year career goal was she laughed and said: "why, being 'Morphed' into a phenomenon greater than Minnie Mouse!"

By Gene Arceri

New York - San Francisco – London

Feature Columnist – JO LEE Magazine, Best Selling Author: Elizabeth Taylor, RED and Brooklyn's Scarlett (Susan Hayward), Charlie of Nob Hill, Rocking Horse (Betty Hutton), Ghosts Of Gone With The Wind, Prima Donna: A Reluctant Star (Irene Manning).

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